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High Point Family Farms



We start the process by germinating from seed, in May. Why we choose to germinate:

  • Seed is less expensive than clones
  • We feel the tap root is important for a field growing operation
  • It is Sara's favorite part of growing!

We grow the plants in our main hoop house for about 4 weeks prior to trans planting.  We try to time the readiness of our seedlings with the readiness of the field for trans planting.



We prepare our field by planting a cover crop consisting of rye, hairy vetch, and multiple types of clovers the prior fall. We strive to incorporate regenerative farming practices in our grow. We believe if you take care of the soil, it will take care of you. We grow organically and try to attract beneficial insects by planting rows of flowers that they are attracted to around our fields.

We roll the rye prior to transplanting to provide a natural weed mat. Our goal is to get as much time of natural weed barrier, before the plants canopy and stop germination on their own.





Mid-June, we transplant our plants into the field. We use a Checchi and Magli two row planter. We have learned a lot the past two years using this planter. Soil conditions play a crucial part in how success full transplantation will be. If the soil is too dry, it is cloddy and the dirt clods can destroy the tender roots. Too wet, the tractor tears up your field and mud clogs the planter.

Planting days all hands are on deck. It takes a minimum of 4 people to plant. However, to make the process quicker people are needed for delivering the plants to the planter and to run irrigation lines behind the planting.
After planting in the field-we plant in our shade and hoop houses. With four types of grows, we are always busy watering, fertilizing and weeding.


Hemp Farming for CBD
    Main Hoop House: We germinate our seeds in this hoop house and grow up to 100 plants in pots
      Shade Hoop House:This hoop house sports a shade cloth. However, it is open to the outside elements. The plants seeemed to like the 30% shade provided to them.
        Field: Our field grow is normally between 500-5000 plants. We use drip line irrigation when needed.
          Hoop House #4: This is an all enclosed hoop house, new in 2021. It is enclosed with plastic, however we grow in the soil instead of pots.


            We plant our shade house plants by hand.


            Harvest normally takes place in early October. Each plant is harvested by hand. We then strip the bio mass off of the plants into our trailer dryer. Once dry we bag it and take to our processor, located in Wichita, Ks.

            END GAME

            From the processor, we send a portion of our distillate oil to a lab in Topeka for packaging. We also keep oil at home for our hand made products.