Industrial hemp bud

All about the girls.....

Almost everyone can recognize a leaf from the cannabis plant and many people think that the leaves are used to make CBD oil.  Did you know that the highest content of CBD comes from the industrial hemp “bud” or flower? Not the leaf!

As a matter of fact, when we grow our industrial hemp for CBD oil – we do not want male plants. We purchase feminized seeds, so we only grow female plants which produce the buds. If male plants are around, they will pollinate the female plants. Once the female plants are pollinated, they turn their energy into producing seeds, not big buds. This lowers the CBD percentage in our grow!

To say is it all about the girls is not an understatement. We love our girls and treat them with TLC every grow. Check out a few pics of our girls!!

The last picture is of a male plant that we found. While we buy/plant feminized seed, we still look for a stray male plant that sneak through the feminizing process. Can you see the difference?