From | Making hemp approachable: Bringing this ancient crop from the farm to downtown

NICKERSON — When a Nickerson family started growing industrial hemp for CBD oil, the market was in its infancy in Kansas, and pricing was competitive. But two years later, the return on investment for this crop has diminished considerably.

After much thought, in late May, the Hiatt family who run High Point Family Farms decided to remove the middleman and opened a storefront on Main Street in Hutchinson — High Point Pharms.

They sell their own CBD oils, pet tinctures, bath bombs and lotions. They also sell lip balm and salves made out of their own hemp product. Some of the products in High Point Pharms' store are made by hand, including the body butter.

"I believe in this product. I use it for autoimmune arthritis," said Sara Hiatt, the matriarch of the family. "People like it for sleeping and anxiety."

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